Why You Should Consider Mediation before Separation or Divorce

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You are having problems in your relationship with your spouse or long-time partner. You wish to separate, and, maybe divorce. Can mediation help you in taking this very important next step?

  1. Do you and your significant other communicate well? Are you able to fairly discuss the next step of your relationship, without recriminations or accusations? If so, you would be ideal candidates for mediating that next step.
  1. Do you and your significant other agree you should separate, but your communication is complicated, perhaps because of the existence of adultery or other untrustworthy actions by one or both of you? If so, mediation is still an ideal choice for you. An experienced and compassionate mediator can assist you in airing your grievances without letting them bog down the process and guide you in coming to decisions related to your separation.
  1. Are you and your significant other yelling in the home, full of anger and disappointment, experiencing severe stress while together? Mediation could still benefit you. A good mediator can help you reduce the outward and accusatory emotions between you and guide you in taking more control of your futures. You can discuss your concerns in a safe environment and consider all of the issues you face with clarity, so you can gain understanding of the current environment and the next step you should take.
  1. Do you have children? If you have children, choosing mediation will keep the focus on them and their needs, so that you can reach good decisions that take into consideration the entire family unit.

In conclusion, mediation can be the perfect choice for deciding how to separate and divorce – even when there is significant strife in the home. It helps parties talk through their issues in a more constructive way and come to a resolution in less time and at a lower cost than typically associated with litigation. Once you have made the decision to divorce, choosing mediation over litigating your divorce will also more likely help you preserve as much of your marital assets for you and your children as possible.

If you are considering separation or divorce, contact us to discuss whether your matter would be best served by mediation or a more traditional legal approach.

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