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What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

“Ken and his office were always caring, kind and helpful. He walked me through the divorce process, and understood my issues from the first time we spoke. He handled my divorce with a keen knowledge of the law, and did so with a lot of compassion and empathy. Ken and his team fought for my rights and best interests. I couldn’t have been more pleased.”

“I received Ken’s name from a friend, and went in to his office for a consultation. He was very direct, specific as to what my divorce would entail and kind when he spoke. I retained Ken. While my divorce was ongoing, Ken and his team let me know everything happening in my case so I could make competent decisions and move forward with peace of mind.”

“I’d highly recommend Ken for anyone going through a divorce. Ken and his associates gracefully handled my divorce, which included a long list of complex assets, with a gentle yet firm hand that helped avoid confrontation. The result two years later, I have good relations with my ex-wife because we avoided litigation, which also would have been a tremendous waste of money.”

“I worked with Ken in a situation that had delicate divorce law issues intertwined with tax issues. In collaborating on this matter, I saw that Ken understood the implications arising from complex divorce proceedings, and helped encourage the client to make hard decisions in a difficult situation.”

Case Studies

The Settlement Agreement

A client/mother was concerned about the risk that the father, a citizen of Italy, would try to abscond with their two children to live full time in Italy after the divorce.

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Inherited Trusts

Client was asked to sign a prenuptial agreement prior to her marriage to her fiancé. At the time…she and her fiancé were living in his apartment, and she was earning very little but actively building her business…

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Violent Outbursts Leads to Divorce

The client’s wife sought to divorce her husband because of his violent outbursts in the home, which were causing her fear and beginning to cause their 1 year old child extreme anxiety.

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How We Can Help You

Child Custody

Child Custody decisions can be difficult because they are so important.

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Prenuptial agreements can protect your financial interests before marriage.

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Property Distribution

Will you make your distribution choices rationally or emotionally?

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Child Support

Child Support can be a difficult issue for parents to resolve.

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Postnuptial agreements can help resolve disputes during marriage.

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Create a legal relationship between marriage and divorce.

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Divorce comes in many “flavors”: know your options.

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You can seek a post-judgment enforcement.

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Spousal Support

A payment to the lesser earning spouse based upon a formula.

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Why Choose Jewell Law

Divorce is like climbing a mountain. Let Jewell Law help you get to the top. There are steep slopes and rocky areas to navigate but with Ken’s experience, creativity and championing your cause, you can attain the outcome you desire. The attorneys at Jewell Law are highly successful in both litigation and collaborative settings, including mediation.

Consider Jewell Law your personal divorce leader. We have the skills, experience and courage to take you to the top, and the compassion and insight to help you get your life back on track.