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Protect your rights and your child’s best interests.

We are parents who make a living as NYC lawyers.

Parents want the best for their children but in a divorce setting other emotions can take over making child custody one of the most divisive issues parents face. Hard decisions must be made about where your children primarily live (which may impact child support obligations), how much time each of you has with the children, as well as how you and the other parent will make decisions about your children’s education, healthcare and religious upbringing. As parents ourselves, we understand your biggest fear is losing custody or control over your children’s lives. Our goal is to help you make practical thoughtful decisions which focus on the best interests of your children.

We know how important it is to you to get child custody issues right.

As NYC child custody lawyers we believe that you and the other parent should do your best to negotiate an agreement together that resolves all custody issues involving your children. Negotiation is the more satisfying and cost-effective way to obtain an agreement because working together you can potentially reach a settlement faster. In addition, the more effort you invest in resolving these issues amicably, the more likely your children will thrive in their new environments. However, if settlement can’t be reached, we can put together a strategy, which includes court intervention to finally decide the outstanding issues.

Our mission is to help you make well-informed decisions that resolve your matter quickly and effectively.

We believe in educating you about your rights and responsibilities and helping you reach an agreement that works for all of you. If there are any unresolved issues between you and the other parent, we typically go to court to use available legal remedies to facilitate closure on each issue. In these situations, we offer the extensive litigation experience and strong advocacy you need in court.

Let’s talk about how you can best proceed to resolve your issues.

We seek to find the best solutions for our clients. Please contact our NYC office to learn how our child custody lawyers can help you move your life forward in the positive direction you want.

Case Study: Forensic report determines custody.

Facts: Neither parent is a paragon of virtue. Sally has a temper, and even bit her husband during a fight in front of the children.

Case Study: Negotiated custody arrangements

Facts: Jeremy and Jennifer are devoted parents to their twins, but are increasingly incompatible as a couple. They file for divorce. Both parents…

“Ken and his office were always caring, kind and helpful. He walked me through the divorce process, and understood my issues from the first time we spoke. He handled my divorce with a keen knowledge of the law, and did so with a lot of compassion and empathy. Ken and his team fought for my rights and best interests. I couldn’t have been more pleased.”