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When your ex-spouse doesn’t play by the rules, you can seek a post judgment enforcement.

Expert Legal Guidance for Post-Divorce Challenges in New York

Our lawyers understand what it means to have been through the painstaking process of divorce and now find yourself back in court again. Sometimes spouses don’t pay. Or problems simply grow over time and come to a head long after the divorce decree was signed. When you can’t agree on a resolution between yourselves, you can go to court to seek a post-judgment modification or enforcement of the original divorce judgment.

Are you having these problems with your ex-spouse?

Post judgment modification or enforcement actions can involve child or spousal support, custody and parenting time provisions or property settlements. Enforcement may be needed if your spouse is not complying with the divorce decree. Modification may be available regardless of whether you and your spouse are complying with the divorce decree, but there must be some significant changes in a party’s personal or financial circumstances. Whether the issue centers on relocating the children because of a job opportunity, or unpaid child or spousal support, we provide you with the legal advice you need to make the right decisions.

Let us help you smooth out the legal bumps.

We seek to find the best solutions for clients. When a matter can’t be resolved amicably, we aggressively advocate for your rights in court. Please contact our office to speak with a post judgment lawyer and learn whether we can help you recover what’s owed to you, or advise you as to your options if you are the one not in compliance.

Case Study: Dead-beat Dad

Facts: The judge stipulated that Judy get five support payments of $250,000 each over five years. Henry paid the first two years of support.

Case Study: Change of circumstances

Facts: Charlie paid $2000 a month for child support and add-ons as ordered in the divorce judgment. Then he lost his job and found a new…