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Divorce is seasonal as people tend to avoid holiday periods when they feel it’s taboo to initiate divorce. After the holidays, however, divorce filings tend to go up. Some of this may be driven by the added stress of the holidays and expectations of happy celebrations which can exacerbate marital problems and motivate couples to divorce.

Couples, especially those with children, often times gravitate toward July and August to initiate divorce proceedings because doing so eases some of the transition issues for children. For example, kids may be away from home at camp so parents can adjust living arrangements without the children witnessing a parent move out. Parents would also have time to plan out how they will tell their children about the divorce so they can help them better adjust to the changes without disrupting the focus and stability they need during the school year. Some parents have more flexible work schedules during the summer so they can help the children adjust to their new living arrangements. Starting divorce during the summer also provides kids with time to deal with their emotions and/or new living arrangements before returning to school.

There is no ideal time to start a divorce. The decision will only come after thoughtful consideration and perhaps multiple attempts to reconcile. If, however, those efforts fail, beginning the divorce during July and August while the children are out of school and in camp/engaged in other summer activities helps mitigate the transitional aspects of the process that would otherwise prove very disruptive to the children during the school year.

If you are considering separation or divorce or think that your spouse is, you should consult an experienced attorney to discuss your rights as well as protect yourself financially. Please contact us to learn how we can assist you in achieving a positive outcome so you can move on to the next stage of your life.

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