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A parenting coach is a professional trained to provide guidance to parents on communication and other skills to help them navigate the challenges and responsibilities of raising children. They can assist parents with a wide array of parent-child issues including discipline, mental health, substance abuse and other concerns. Coaching can be particularly useful to parents who are divorcing or already divorced because of the significant effect divorce can have on children’s mental and physical health.

Where Can You Get Help with Parenting During or Post-Divorce?

Divorce is stressful on parents and children alike making it more challenging to deal with even everyday parenting issues. Parents need to get help for their children and themselves to learn how to cope with the emotions and transitions involved in divorce. This may include utilizing the services of a parenting coordinator (PC) or mental health professional like a therapist or counselor. A parenting coach can also assist by providing personalized advice and problem-solving techniques for parents navigating divorce with their children. 

How Can a Parenting Coach Assist Parents?

Parents can seek out a coach to address specific parenting issues or to provide more general assistance with developing an effective parenting approach. Coaches can help with:

  • Communication skills. Parents often struggle with how to talk to their children particularly if their children are engaging in problem behaviors. Coaches can teach parents how to communicate in an effective way that fosters good relationships with children but also addresses undesirable behavior. 
  • Anger/stress management. A coach can suggest techniques for managing stress and helping parents learn how to acknowledge and deal with their anger at their kids or each other appropriately.
  • Conflict management. Coaches may offer conflict resolution strategies that promote understanding and cooperation, whether the problems are between parents and children or siblings. 
  • Emotional support. Parents also need to care for themselves. A coach can help them deal with their emotions and build confidence in their parenting skills.

Parenting is incredibly hard under the best of circumstances. In divorce, it can be even more challenging. As a result, you may want to consider hiring a parenting coach if you are experiencing difficulties in your relationship with your children or managing your parenting responsibilities.

If you are contemplating getting a divorce and worry about the impact on your children, contact us. We will offer a free consultation and share our experiences and information on how to reduce the impact of divorce on your children, as we strongly believe that they deserve to be protected to the greatest extent possible.

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