Case Study:
Pre-nuptial agreement

Facts: When Fred married Alice he wanted to make sure that the payments he received from his $5 million trust fund did not become a marital asset. The payments would occur before and during the marriage.
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Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements are useful tools.

Are you concerned about your assets if your relationship doesn’t work out?

Like you, when each of us married, we thought deeply about how either one of us would respond in the event of divorce. In our practice, we have found that prenuptial or postnuptial agreements can be an effective tool to solve asset division and spousal support issues by memorializing couples’ agreement on these issues while they have a strong, connected relationship.

These agreements are often tough to draft, useful to have.

Of course these agreements can be uncomfortable and challenging because they force couples to settle what are often very personal and difficult topics. Keep in mind that the major difference between pre- and postnuptial agreements is timing. Prenuptial agreements are signed before a couple exchanges vows, while postnuptial agreements are signed at some point during the marriage.

Let’s talk about your questions about prenups or postnups.

While a prenup or postnup could be a sticky topic to introduce into your relationship, having one could save you a lot of time and money if you ever decide to separate or divorce. We seek to find the best solutions to protect our client’s interests. Please contact us to learn how we can help.

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