Child custody

Case Study: Negotiated custody arrangements

Facts: Jeremy and Jennifer are devoted parents to their twins, but are increasingly incompatible as a couple. They file for divorce. Both parents want to remain as dominant influences in the twin’s lives.

Action: Negotiated joint custody arrangement.

Result: Jennifer is the custodial parent, and Jeremy has them with him every other week-end and twice a week at dinner time. He can get to work later than she can so he walks the children to school every day.

Case Study: Forensic report determines custody.

Facts: Neither parent is a paragon of virtue. Sally has a temper, and even bit her husband during a fight in front of the children. Ned tends to drink too much and then becomes an argumentative authority figure.

Action: A forensic mental health professional was hired to interview the family and others who know the family to write her observations in a report which the judge would use to determine the custody and visitation issues concerning the family.

Result: Sally was made the domicile parent because during his interview, Ned said that he was a better parent when he was sober. He then was given visitation privileges but with the caveat that he not drink while with the children.

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